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Easter Mini Sessions and Spring Mini Sessions in Santa Rosa Beach

Y’all these have to be my favorite set of mini sessions I have ever done! With the help of the famous eyeliner bunny Whiskers and his side kicks, Cookies & Quackers…we had such a blast. Seriously the kids were amazing with the bunny and ducklings and the were amazing with the kids. It was such a fun experience to have gotten to witness and deliver for my sweet families and their kiddos. Experience is my favorite thing about photography….rather capturing experiences as they happen.

I can’t wait to share a few (okay that would be impossible) of my favorite images from the spring mini sessions at my 30a studio with you guys. If you want to be up to date on the events at Warehouse 30a please join our Facebook group HERE or our mailing list HERE.

Spring & Easter Mini Sessions at Warehouse 30-a by Kansas Pitts THIS WEEKEND!

The second I got my hands on this spring backdrop I knew I had to offer it to my clients. Then when I photographed it and edited it just so, I knew it was just drop dead gorgeous and everyone would want a dramatic portrait of their little ones on it. Even I did!  That being said, not only am I using this as a spring themed session (very simple), I have decided to add some authentic props to make it even prettier for your Easter Best! You can do either – it is so versatile and gorgeous every.single.time.


This weekend only I am offering these very special Spring & Easter Mini Sessions by appointment only for a limited few. Grab your spot HERE (you will pay your session fee which comes with digitals-yay!) and then I will email you to get your best time this Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday! Three days, all day for your convenience!


Want to see how gorgeous these all are?! Omg yes and all the outfits shown are available at the studio (almost with tons more – you can see some of my selections at Can’t wait to see you guys at Warehouse 30-a this weekend!


If you want simple & timeless spring images….(and yes this bonnet is in house for your use and can fit a lot of sizes even if you just want it for a few images) we can do that.


But if you love Easter and want to add a few Easter touches we can do that  too! You can have the kids wear their Easter best and bring their baskets or use something from my client closet or just have them in casual clothes…they will all be SUPER cute!



Sneak Peek of the Valentine’s Mini Session Experience at Warehouse 30-a by Kansas Pitts Photography in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Before you look at the Vday Minis, are you instead looking for beach photography? If so, click below…

In opening my new location, Warehouse 30-a (not ON 30-a yet but coming soon there…using the time in between to decide my layout and size before I jump in to the building process on my 30-a lot) I have decided to begin offering truly unique and fun mini session experiences all year long. I have so many creative ideas and I want to share them with you guys! I want you to be able to bring your kids in for exciting experiences and come away with updated, unique images of your kid’s true smiles and sometimes come away with something that makes your life easier. On that note, the Valentine’s Day Mini Session Experience 2018 will help you with all of the above…updated pictures, 4 unique set ups to choose from, lots of fun props and wardrobe (everything shown below is available for you and much more of course) and instead of scrambling to buy last minute store Valentine’s you can wow everyone without a Pinterest project by ordering fabulous Valentines after your session, shipped straight to your door and ready to give out. 5X7 cards with a pearlescent finish and red, pink, or gold foil writing – truly gorgeous! And since they come in packages of 25 you should have a few left over from class to send the grandparents and keep one for yourself! And did I mention that a portion of your session goes to Food for Thought?! So you get updated pictures, easy Valentines, AND you are donating to charity-can you say WINNING?!


Tricia brought her sweet girls, Lydia Grace & Emma Kate (who I’ve been photographing since birth) over Sunday for their pictures and for me to video a little behind the scenes (and updated pictures of the sets with their new additions) so you can see what the Valentine’s Experience is all about – we giggled, we played, we picked out outfits, ate marshmallows and colorful cotton candy AND came away with some amazing pictures of her girls that would be perfect in her girls’ rooms at home and in Valentine’s Day cards for their classes!


Haven’t booked your spot? I am photographing the Valentine’s Experience one day only, January 27th at Warehouse 30-a – all the details and booking are HERE. Have questions? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page or EMAIL me at and I will be happy to help!


Click HD to see it better <3


Oh and Little Miss Lydia Grace is almost 5!!!!! 


Hadley & Lyla’s Valentines Mini Session Experience by Kansas Pitts Photography at Warehouse 30-a

Before you look at the Vday Minis, are you instead looking for beach photography? If so, click below…

Hadley & Lyla’s mama, Sara Tallent is the lady behind Destin30aMomBlog ( and is just a sweetheart (and a dreamy photographer herself)! Yesterday she let the girls have a mommy/daughter day and get dressed up in the studio at Warehouse 30-a and pose away for my Valentine’s Mini Session Experience. And an experience it was….My goal is to make these mini session experiences truly an experience for both the moms and the kids. If I can see a little tear well up in mama’s eyes watching her kids have a blast and look a little too grown up while I get a report from mom that “It was such a fun day, they’re still talking about it!!! You made them feel so special!” then my job is done. I love love love that <3 And that is even before she gets to see the actual images! You can’t get any better than that.

Hadley & Lyla are wearing Joyfolie dresses and Tutu DuMonde dresses and capes with accessories from various stores including cute, inexpensive headbands from Forever 21!

If you haven’t reserved your spot for the January 27th Valentine’s Mini Session Experience yet there is still time 🙂 Just go to and check out the information or bypass that and go straight to BOOK NOW!


Click HD to see it better <3

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And in case you can’t tell in her smiles, Miss Lyla’s front tooth was literally hanging by a thread but she didn’t want to pull it so we did a play on the tooth fairy with wings on her sister 🙂



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